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My dream has always been to make Team Tight n Curvy something bigger than me. As this dream takes shape I’ve discovered it’s hard to meet everyone where they are. To spread the vibe that is Team Tight n Curvy and touch more lives I’ve produced the Tight N Curvy Program for the Cartelle app - it’s literally like having me in your back pocket, and me as a coach in your ear.

The Program

8 weeks / Moderate intensity / Gym Equipment

Get Tight n Curvy is an ideal program for beginners on through to intermediate. This program combines strength based workouts with functional movements to build curves in all the right places, yet with enough cardio to get you lean and fit. And I haven’t forgotten about your booty, there is a lot of attention to that as well.

Why The Cartelle App?

Change doesn’t happen without movement. Buying my program doesn’t create a change - only doing it does. The Cartelle app has been designed with a singular purpose - make the doing fun and easy.

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