1) How do I cancel my subscription or manage my subscription?

Did you purchase through the App Store or through our website? If you purchased through the App Store follow these steps: Settings > iTunes & App Store > Click on Apple ID (View Apple ID & sign-in) > Subscriptions > The Cartelle. If you purchases through our Website, login using your credentials by clicking here and click cancel

2) How can I restart my program? How many times am I allowed to restart my program? Will it charge me?

Pausing, switching and restarting is easy to do. Under the “Workout” tab click on the “My Plans” in the top left corner. All of your programs will be listed here, with your active program showing at the top. If you have gotten behind on your days or just want to restart the program altogether, click on the active program. The page will slide to show you the program’s status. The “Restart” option is on this page, by clicking this link your program will start back at day one.

To Switch to a new program, click on the inactive program that you wish to start. The page will slide over to its program status page, click on the Activate button and it will start this program while pausing your previous program. Please note that the app will remember where you left off so if you decide to return to this program you will pick up where you left off. You can restart a program as many times as you like and there are no additional charges.

3) Is resetting a schedule different from restarting a program?

Yes! Restarting a program starts your entire program over from the beginning. It will not remember your progress and it will start you from day one. Resetting your schedule stops your program from auto-advancing. It will save your progress which means that any days you’ve missed or completed will remain as they were

4) What is the difference between the subscriptions?

Each subscription gives you access to all trainers/programs within the app. It will also give you access to any programs we add after you’ve signed up. We add new programs monthly with different training styles to keep things interesting and fresh! The only real difference between the subscriptions are the billing cycles – we offer monthly, quarterly and yearly.

5) What is the billing cycle for subscriptions?

We offer monthly, quarterly and yearly – you can cancel at any time

6) I am unable to download a workout, what do I do?

Every now and then the app will get stuck or confused and not allow you to download your workout. It doesn’t happen very often but if it does, just go to the More tab > Refresh App (reload/resolve). You can also try logging out and logging back in. Both options will clear any problems the app may be having. If those options do not work, please contact us. You can do this by click on the More tab > Contact Us

7) When will Android be available?

We apologize for not having Android out just yet. It is our plan and hopes to have it out by late Spring of 2019. If you signed up and use an Android device and need to cancel please get in contact with us by emailing: info@thecartelle.com

8) How do I request a refund?

If you registered through our website please contact info@thecartelle.com to request a refund. Your subscription will terminate on of the date that we process your refund. Refunds take between 5-10 business days to become effective. Please note that we are not obligated to honor refunds – please refer to the Terms & Conditions. If you signed up for Cartelle through your iTunes account, please contact Apple Support to request a refund. When you sign up for Cartelle through the App Store, Apple handles your payment directly through your Apple ID. Apple does not pass your payment information to Cartelle, so we are unable to assist with the refund. You can reach Apple Support by email, Live Chat, or phone at 800–692–7753 (7am-11pm CT).

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