We think everyone has a little badass in them.

It’s that voice inside your head

You know the one.

The one that says you can do things others say you can’t.

and hell… to even do the things YOU don’t think you can

It’s that voice of courage when facing self-doubt and fear.

Now, just because you’re a badass, doesn’t mean you’ve got to go it alone.

We’re on a journey, building a Cartelle of inspiring women who believe in the power of fitness.

The power to transform mind, body and soul

The power to live life on your own terms.

We’re doing this by working with some of the most loved athletes in the industry - creating workouts people love to do, together in an app they love to use.

Our formula is simple – if we want to create a positive change in the world, we need to bring it some badass love.

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Just because you are a badass doesn't mean you've got to go it alone. Join the Cartelle, it's more fun when you sweat with others.